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RESET Foundation: Committed to Sustainable Development in Mozambique

The recently created RESET Foundation announced its commitment to boosting sustainable development in Mozambique through three areas of intervention: Research and Awareness, Community Projects and Impact Services.


Research and Awareness

Within the scope of Research and Awareness, the Foundation established the "João Ferreira dos Santos" Knowledge Center, honoring its founder. The focus is on developing knowledge and innovation, covering critical areas to support communities in different domains of sustainable development. In addition to scientific research, the Foundation seeks to create tools for practical replication of discoveries, collaborating with civil society, companies and government entities to inform efficient public policies.

  • Research Projects: The RESET Foundation pursues global innovation through strategic partnerships with academic institutions and industrial pioneers. Collaborations aim to unite theoretical research with practical applications, addressing urgent social challenges.

  • ToolsThe heart of the RESET Foundation approach is to empower change agents with tools for transformative impact by identifying, developing and disseminating innovative methodologies.

  • Publications: The Foundation actively contributes to global knowledge through high-impact scientific publications, sharing insights at scientific meetings, and collaborating to inform effective public policy.

  • Community Outreach and Advocacy: The Foundation's initiatives extend impact beyond academia, engaging in advocacy and collaborating with government entities to refine public policy.


Community Projects

Believing in the co-creation and implementation of sustainable projects, the RESET Foundation is committed to applying scientific knowledge to address local needs. Partnerships with local technicians aim to implement innovations in critical areas such as health, education, water, sanitation and environmental conservation.

  • Health: Focus on improving health outcomes with innovative projects, disease prevention programs and wellness education.

  • Education: Educational initiatives cover everything from child development to adult education, with an emphasis on accessibility and quality.

  • Water and Sanitation: Implementation of sustainable solutions to ensure access to clean water and promote hygiene practices.

  • Environmental Conservation: Development of projects to protect ecosystems, promote biodiversity and educate communities about environmental responsibility.

  • Responding to Urgent Challenges: Innovative approach to crises such as natural disasters or economic shocks.


Impact Services

The RESET Foundation seeks to empower local communities through research-based services and practical tools, promoting sustainable change and resilience.

  • Impact Diagnosis and Measurement: Comprehensive evaluations for implemented projects, identifying social dynamics and measuring the impact on communities.

  • Informal and Non-Formal Education: Promotion of continuous learning by combining informal education with non-formal programs for personal and social development.

  • Executive and Advanced Training: Intensive courses to improve leaders, integrating with lifelong learning.

  • Lean Services: Commitment to operational efficiency, minimizing inefficiencies throughout the value chain.

  • Technology and Integration Services: Integration of technologies to transform innovative concepts into practical solutions.


The RESET Foundation emerges as a vital force for sustainable development in Mozambique, adopting a comprehensive and innovative approach to addressing critical challenges in collaboration with diverse stakeholders.
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