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The RESET Foundation is dedicated to conducting a Poverty Baseline Study that will serve as a critical tool in understanding the initial conditions of economic deprivation within the communities we serve. This comprehensive assessment will enable us to identify the key factors contributing to poverty, measure the extent of its impact, and establish clear indicators for our interventions. By doing so, we aim to tailor our initiatives to the specific needs of these communities, ensuring that our efforts in agricultural development, education, and resource management are both effective and sustainable, ultimately paving the way for meaningful and measurable progress in poverty alleviation.


The RESET Foundation is committed to calculating the basic needs of producers, encompassing essential aspects such as cash, food, and biomass. This calculation is pivotal to formulating targeted support strategies that address the fundamental requirements for a dignified standard of living. By quantifying these needs, the Foundation can tailor its programs to provide farmers with the financial resources, nutritional sustenance, and organic materials necessary for their livelihoods and sustainable agricultural practices. This approach not only aids in the immediate enhancement of their well-being but also lays the groundwork for long-term economic and environmental resilience.

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RESET Foundation is committed to fostering global and local innovation through strategic partnerships with leading academic institutions and industry pioneers. Our goal is to merge theoretical research with practical applications, thereby addressing the most pressing social challenges. By collaborating with organizations renowned for excellence, we aim to create a symbiotic relationship where knowledge and resources are shared for the greater good.


At the heart of RESET's approach lies our dedication to equipping change-makers with the tools necessary for transformative impact. Through our unique expertise, we identify, develop, and disseminate innovative methodologies and practices that are designed to tackle societal issues head-on. Our focus is on deploying, incubating, and scaling initiatives that demonstrate significant potential to influence positive change, ensuring that impactful projects achieve their maximum reach and effectiveness.


The dissemination of knowledge is a cornerstone of our mission. RESET Foundation  actively contributes to the body of global knowledge through the publication of peer-reviewed scientific articles, theses (both doctoral and master's), and books. We also share insights and findings at scientific meetings, including oral presentations and poster sessions. This commitment to academic rigor not only advances the scientific understanding of complex issues but also translates research findings into actionable, real-world applications.


Our initiatives are the conduits for extending the impact of our academic and research pursuits beyond the classroom and into the community. We are deeply engaged in advocacy, supporting vital causes and supplying resources where they are most needed. Our collaborative efforts with government entities strive to refine public policy, ensuring our scholarly contributions actively drive societal progress.

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