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João Ferreira dos Santos

 Knowledge Center

The RESET Foundation is committed to pioneering advancements in knowledge and innovation,  through the establishment of the "João Ferreira dos Santos" Knowledge Center, we honor our founder's legacy by fostering a culture of research, development & innovation(RD&I). Our focus spans critical areas of interest to the project, highlighting not just the advancement of scientific understanding but also creating tools of the practical application of these findings. This includes the creation and dissemination of high-impact scientific publications, thereby contributing to the global body of knowledge and driving innovation forward.

The RESET Foundation believes in its ability to co-create and implement sustainable projects with communities. Being able to use scientific knowledge in practical application in order to respond to local needs identified by communities. The Foundation will develop these projects in partnership with local technical partners with capacity and evidence of impact, serving as a catalyst, an aggregator for the implementation of innovative projects integrated in the various areas of education, health, access to water and other critical needs in areas highly needed with rapid innovation and implementation of solutions for crises, such as natural disasters.

The RESET Foundation aims to empower local communities. Based on research and practical tools, it develops services in order to empower individuals, communities and partners. We specialize in analyzing social dynamics and needs in order to ensure that projects promote sustainable change, combining informal and non-formal education to foster resilience and adaptability. Our training programs are  flexible and ensure the training of the community as well as technical partners in its operation, applying Lean principles and ensuring the aggregation and access to technology in order to ensure efficiency and measurement of transformation and impact on the ground. Through these strategic initiatives, the RESET Foundation aims to cultivate continuous learning and innovation for social well-being.


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