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The expected impact of the RESET Foundation on the Sustainable Development Goals


The RESET Foundation will contribute to sustainable development objectives through excellent research, catalyzing innovation through inclusive tools, implementing community projects and impact services in order to boost sustainable economic growth in rural communities.

It provides employment opportunities and promotes access to food and increased income.

Promotes  sustainable agricultural practices and increased access to nutritious food.

Promotes  sustainable agricultural practices that reduce exposure to harmful chemicals while improving access to nutritious food.

Promotes  an inclusive and equitable education,  that fosters skills development, empowers young people, reduces educational disparities, improves educational outcomes and promotes lifelong learning opportunities in the community.

Creates employment opportunities and increases productivity in the agricultural sector.

Ensures that women have equal access to land, resources and opportunities in the agricultural sector

Promotes access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all by expanding infrastructure and updating technology to provide modern and sustainable energy services for everyone in communities.

Promotes sustainable agricultural practices in order to reduce waste.

Promotes sustainable agricultural practices that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, sequester carbon, improve soil health and protect biodiversity.

Provides livelihoods for local communities, thereby reducing the potential for conflict over scarce resources, and promote justice through compliance with local laws and regulations and transparent and accountable management practices.

Promotes sustainable agricultural practices and the protection of natural resources.

Promotes partnerships between various actors that will mobilize and share knowledge, skills, technology and financial resources, to support local communities.

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