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Positive Impact of JFS-RESET in Mozambique | Integrated Agriculture and Sustainable Rural Development

Mozambique, classified as one of the poorest countries in the world, faces significant challenges, with around 70% of the population living in multidimensional poverty.

The RESET Foundation is implementing an impact report on the work of JFS-RESET.


JFS-RESET is an entity dedicated to integrated agricultural and rural development, operating in a context where approximately 70% of African soil is degraded and 60% of the population depends on agriculture for subsistence. In this panorama, the company has a comprehensive positive impact on several fronts:

  • Diversified Agricultural Production - The company is dedicated to growing crops such as cotton, soybeans, corn, among others. Furthermore, it invests in the production of macadamias and avocados, as well as in sisal cultivation. Cooking oil production contributes to the local food supply chain.

  • Renewable Energy and Sustainable Goods - JFS-RESET sells solar panels and a variety of goods to promote sustainable development in rural areas.

  • Farmer Support and Training - The company provides support to around 50,000 farmers, certified by the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) and Cotton Made in Africa (CMIA). Additionally, it manages more than 20,000 tons of cotton seed production and distributes more than $1.5 million in inputs on credit.

  • Technical Training and Communication - JFS-RESET is not limited to agricultural production and support. The company adopts innovative approaches, such as the use of training films, educational materials and a gaming app, integrated into a comprehensive rating system for farmers. Mass communication via mobile phones, with over 4 million SMS messages sent to date, demonstrates a serious commitment to empowering rural communities.

  • Market Access and Services - The company has developed a network that integrates local store owners to improve market access. It offers services such as an electronic ordering platform, freight transport and credit. With 18 stores, 1 distribution warehouse and 1 mobile store in operation, JFS-RESET has sold 8,000 Solar Home Systems (SHS) to date.


Future Perspectives

JFS-RESET  plans to cover 100% of assisted farmers by 2025 and provides solar equipment to 10 schools to improve access to education by promoting children’s attendance at school.

In a country where agriculture and poverty are intertwined, JFS-RESET stands out as a driving force for sustainable development, leveraging technology, training and market access to improve the living conditions of rural communities in Mozambique.

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