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Origin of the RESET Foundation

RESET and the RESET foundation emerge from the JFS family group, established on the Island of Mozambique in 1897. JFS's trajectory is intertwined with the country's evolution, taking root in the values of its founder, João Ferreira dos Santos, and perpetuating itself to the descendants who manage the company today. Always acting in concert with rural communities, JFS remained resilient in the face of the challenges of independence in 1975 and the subsequent 16 years of civil war, without ever paralyzing its agricultural and industrial activities, even in the most conflict-ridden and needy regions.

JFS is recognized for its resilience and integrity, standing out for its operation in complex rural environments and for its emblematic presence on the national scene, especially in rural regions of Mozambique, among the most challenging and needy on the planet.

It is in this development context that the responsibility and duty to transform opportunities into concrete actions arises. This philosophy supports the group's strategic plan, focusing on the agricultural sector and rural development, and for which RESET was born. Francisco Ferreira dos Santos, partner of the JFS group, will dedicate himself mainly to RESET, which includes the RESET Foundation, initiating a professionalization process to safeguard the stability of future generations of shareholders.

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The term "RESET" is used metaphorically to represent the need for a substantial reformulation in the methods in which we live and work in line with the planet. Mozambique, reflecting a global challenge, needs innovative solutions to overcome critical environmental and social obstacles. The RESET Foundation emerges to address these issues decisively, encouraging the transition to more sustainable, resilient and fair communities.

RESET is built on the concept of shared value, a philosophy intrinsic to JFS since its founding and particularly reinforced in recent years. Now, we seek to revitalize and structure this concept, aligning business interventions with the pressing challenges of rural areas. Shared value, introduced by M. E. Porter, focuses on creating policies and practices that increase business competitiveness while promoting socioeconomic and environmental development, making it a fundamental pillar for sustainable growth.

RESET is made up of three independent units, but aligned with the joint vision of “creating a sustainable future for prosperous rural communities, supported by sustainable, regenerative agricultural practices through strategic partnerships.

RESET will act as a strategic think-tank for co-creation and strategic alignment in priority sectors, promoting a collaborative environment where experts advise RESET and its intervention units.

JFS-RESET, responsible for implementation, is an agricultural and rural development entity that produces a variety of crops and products, supporting local farmers with access to technology, training and markets.

The RESET Foundation, as an inspiring pillar, will dedicate itself to the development and systematization of knowledge, collaborating with academic communities to foster a continuous cycle of learning, knowledge and innovation.


RESET Foundation

In 2024, the RESET Foundation was born, an entity that believes in the co-creation and implementation of sustainable projects in partnership with communities. Its main objective is to apply scientific knowledge in a practical way to meet local needs identified by the communities themselves. The Foundation will work together with local technical partners, who have proven capacity for impact, where the RESET Foundation will act as a catalyst and aggregator in the implementation of innovative projects in areas such as education, health, access to water and other critical needs. This action will be especially relevant in regions that face urgent challenges that require quick solutions, such as in situations of natural disasters.

Join us and join the mission of the RESET Foundation, not just as readers, but as active protagonists in building a sustainable future in Mozambique. Every contribution, be it expertise, resources or innovation, will be vital to our collective progress. Accept the challenge of collaborating with us, bringing your ideas and energy so that together we can drive the transformation we seek in the communities we serve. Together, we can redefine possibilities and re-imagine a world where sustainable development is not just an ideal, but a tangible and achievable reality.

Participate in this journey of impact and innovation with the RESET Foundation.


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