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Benchmark study of the Poverty Index of cotton producers in Cuamba

The Poverty Index benchmark study's main objective is to measure and understand the extent and nature of poverty among the 50,000 cotton-producing farmers in the Cuamba region, Niassa Province, Mozambique. This study will establish a key benchmark against which progress in poverty alleviation efforts can be measured over time.

The study will employ an approach based on the Alkire and Foster methodology to calculate a Multidimensional Poverty Index (IPM), adapted to the particularities of the rural Mozambican context, with the aim of promoting a more accurate analysis of specific local realities and needs. The MPI is a comprehensive measure that takes into account several dimensions of deprivation, such as access to education, health, housing and standard of living. This multidimensional approach is particularly relevant in contexts such as Mozambique, where poverty is complex and multifaceted, requiring equally comprehensive and integrated intervention strategies.


Study Partners

The study will be carried out in partnership with the Ministry of Finance of Mozambique, Eduardo Mondlane University (UEM) and the United Nations University's World Institute for Research in Development Economics (UNU-WIDER), institutions recognized for their extensive experience in acquiring , analysis and evaluation of socioeconomic indicators adapted to the specific context in question. The study will also benefit from communities' established relationships and existing networks with the cotton company JFS-SAN, which will facilitate access for smallholder farmers.

By calculating the Multidimensional Poverty Index of cotton producers in the Cuamba region, we will be able to develop specific interventions that address the underlying causes of poverty and improve the general well-being of the communities in question in a sustainable way.

This approach aims to maximize the impact of our efforts and drive lasting positive change.

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